Nazi Death Camps vs. Soviet Gulags

The Nazi Death Camps and the Soviet Gulags held a few key differences. The Death Camps and the Gulags were build for different purposes. the Death Camps were made for the extermination of the Jews while the Gulags were the Soviets prison system.  Secondly the way rations were handled worked differently in the Death Camps and Gulags. In the Soviet Gulags rations were based on the amount of work a prisoner did while in a Death Camp all prisoner were given the same rations. Finally the types of people sent to the Death Camps and the Gulags differed. Those in Death camps were usually Jews, Gypsies, or prisoners of war while Gulags held criminals, suspected spies, and political opponents. Though they were both horrible place the Nazi Death Camps and the Soviet Gulags were inwardly different kinds of places.

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