Holocaust Studies

This class has taught me to be aware of the cruelty of people and to not jsut stand around and allow it to happen. Time and time again the horrible act of genocide has happened. This act has been fueled by the fear, hatred and bigotry throughout the ages. The reason something like genocide happens again and again is usually the case bigotry. Those who are killed are often seen as inferior races or even vermin that must be exterminated. I’ve also learned that one of the worst reason for genocides is that so many people do nothing to stop it. I know a quote that says ‘  All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. This means that the world must become more diligent in order to prevent these horrible acts. If anything like this were to happen around me i would do all I can to stop it. There is nothing I hate more than those who act out of bigotry and ignorance.

Korean Labor Camps vs Nazi Death Camps

The Nazi Death Camps adn the Korean Labors Camps were both horrible places but were systematically different. First the Nazis killed their prisoners daily while the Koreans died of malnutrition, over worked, and disease. The jews were systematically killed while the Korean prisoners were imprisoned for life. Secondly children were born in the Korean camps while they were killed in the Death Camps. Children born in the Korean camps became prisoners for life while children born in the Nazi camps were aborted or killed after conception. Finalythe Korean government used propaganda to convince their prisoners that Korea is the only good palce in the world. The propaganda was used to convince that the outside world was even worse than the labor camps. These horribly places have been the source of fear for those who lived on the outside, for they too might end up there.

Darfur and Nazi Germany

the Genocides of the jews and the African tribes of Darfur held tragically held many similarities. first they were looked down upon as inferior races and were persecuted. The African tribes had no representaiton in the government and the Jews were restricted to have certain jobs. Next is that the bth the Jews and the Afrecan tribes were forced out of their homes. The African villages were raided and burned to the ground and the Jews were  gathered into ghettos. Fianlly both the Arabs and the Nazis had control over the government. The Arabs had full control in the goernment and the nazis removed all Jews from positions of power. These two events were horrible acts, but there is still a chance to actually help the African tribes in Darfur.

Hitler and Pol Pot

Both Htiler and Pol Pot were very similar in their methods and motives. They both wanted to have a country of racial purity. hitler worked to gain a true Aryan race and Pol Pot removed all foreign infuence and those of the original Cambodia. Next is that they both used manipulatoion to turn their enemies on their own people. the Nazis appointed the Judenrat to conrol their own poeple and Pol Pot apointed a Chairman to keep charge of groups of workers. Finally they both used their captives for forced hard labor. The Jews worked outdoors or in workshops and the Cambodians grew crops in the “Killing Fields”. Hitler and Pol Pot were both devious cruel men who used their power to change their countries for their own goals.

Defeating the Denier

Debating a Holocaust Denier can be done with evidence. first of all there are many documents referring to the kiling of the Jews. the reciept and the blueprints for the Cremetoriums along with documents discusing th Gas-chambers showed the systematic way the Jews were killed. Nex there is the film and photos from the Rusian Liberation Force. the film and photos show horrifying images of piles of corpses and the condition of the few survivors. Finaly there are the diaries of the survivors taht detail what happened during the Holocaust. One such is the famous “Diary of Anne Frank”. With all this evidence i believe anyone would be convinced that he holocaust is real.

The Extermination of the Jews and the Tutsi

The extermination of the Jews and the Tutsi were both tragic times in history that had many similarities. First of all both the Jews and the Tutsi were viewed as inferior races and were persecuted for it. Jews  were looked at as greedy and untrustworthy and the Tutsi were referred to as cockroaches. Next th purpose for the exterminations were both for racial purity. The Nazis wanted to exterminate all races until only Aryans were left and the Hutus wanted a nation that was purely Hutu. Finally there is the fact that both the Hutus and the Nazis had control over the government. the Hutus ere appointed into Belgium government and the Nazis were able to gain power in Germany. it is truly horrible that these two acts can ocur so far apart from each other and still be so similar.

Nazi Death Camps vs. Soviet Gulags

The Nazi Death Camps and the Soviet Gulags held a few key differences. The Death Camps and the Gulags were build for different purposes. the Death Camps were made for the extermination of the Jews while the Gulags were the Soviets prison system.  Secondly the way rations were handled worked differently in the Death Camps and Gulags. In the Soviet Gulags rations were based on the amount of work a prisoner did while in a Death Camp all prisoner were given the same rations. Finally the types of people sent to the Death Camps and the Gulags differed. Those in Death camps were usually Jews, Gypsies, or prisoners of war while Gulags held criminals, suspected spies, and political opponents. Though they were both horrible place the Nazi Death Camps and the Soviet Gulags were inwardly different kinds of places.

Nazi Death Camps & Soviet Gulags

The Nazi Death Camps and the Soviet Gulags held may similarities. First of all they both used secret police to arrest suspected people. The Nazis used Gestapo and the Soviets used  their own similar version called the NKVD.  Secondly they both gave prisoners minimal means of survival.  In both the camps and the gulags the prisoners were fed only bread and gruel and wore ragged clothing. And finally they both worked the prisoners for long hours. in both the camps and gulags the all day either out doors or in workshops. Both the Nazi Death Camps and the Soviet Gulags were horrible places where few were lucky enough to survive.

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